Welcome to Baby Touch

An Android toy game for babies starting from 14 months. Tested and approved by my baby.

It's in fact two games:

  1. A set of animals the baby can move around and that makes noises.
  2. A drawing board with multi-touch support and pressure sensitivity.

For getting out of the game, press 3 times on the "back" button from the main screen.

This game is made for tablets but works great on phones as well.

I know that there are multiple apps like that in the Google play store, but they all have adverts or you have to pay for them. This one has no advertisement and is 100% free.

This games is not much tested yet. Tell me if you have problems.

It can be downloaded in Google Play here:

The source code (GPLv3) can be obtained using Mercurial:

hg clone


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